a4 Announces the First IP-Authenticated Addressable OTT Solution Built for Cross Screen

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- a4, a division of Altice USA (NYSE: ATUS), has announced the launch of its national, cross-screen OTT solution to help advertisers looking to reach highly targeted audiences in streaming environments and through connected TVs (CTV). This is the first and only addressable OTT/CTV ad product at a household level with national reach that is powered by fully authenticated household data.

This addition enhances a4’s existing ability to deliver advanced ad solutions for clients helping them identify and reach their desired audiences across all screens within a single household and in all formats. This solution would guarantee the measurability and analytics of reach and frequency among all devices inside the universe of targeted households.

Recently, the company introduced Athena by a4™ – a proprietary platform that enables advertisers to dramatically simplify the process of executing, tracking and evaluating their cross-screen media campaigns, and the platform will now support this OTT offering to extend reach across all screens.

“People are rapidly shifting their viewing habits to on-demand and streaming media products, and advertisers know they have to keep pace,” said Wael Sabra, SVP of Product at a4. “Our OTT solution gives clients the ability to extend the high precision targeting that a4 is known for into what is quickly becoming one of the most important parts of modern media plans.”

“With the emergence of OTT and CTV, our clients are looking for better ways to reach those audiences,” said Garrett Winkler, Director and Connected Television Lead at MODI. “We partnered with a4 because they bring a unique data driven targeting approach to their OTT solution that ties in TV for an optimal cross-screen solution.”

Powered by its exclusive digital targeting platform, a4’s national authenticated US households can be addressed through traditional TV, online, and now, OTT. Its technology enables data-enriched addressable consumer profile creation and its solutions only deliver ads to anonymized IP households that are authenticated and matched to physical addresses. These privacy compliant consumer profiles are cookie-free and work in CTV settings to maximize advertisers in-target reach.

About a4

a4, a division of Altice USA, is an advanced advertising and data business that provides audience-based, multiscreen advertising solutions to local, regional and national businesses and advertising clients. a4 enables advertisers to reach more than 90 million U.S. households on television through cable networks, on-demand and addressable inventory across the U.S., and more than 45 million U.S. households through authenticated, privacy-compliant IP addressability supported by rich data sets and powerful analytics and attribution services in a simple, user-friendly way.

Doug Serton

Source: Altice USA