Exhibit 21

Name of Subsidiary Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
1111 Stewart Corporation Delaware
4Connections LLC New Jersey
a4 Media, LLCDelaware
A R H, LTD. Colorado
Altice Care Holdings Corp.Delaware
Altice/Charter Master Cable Advertising, LLC Delaware
Altice Media Solutions LLC Delaware
Altice News, Inc.Delaware
Altice Real Estate CorporationNew York
Altice USA Employee Disaster Relief Fund Delaware
Altice USA News, Inc.Delaware
Altice USA Wireless, Inc.Delaware
ATS Home Security Installers, LLCDelaware
ATS US Holdings, Corp.Delaware
ATS US, LLCDelaware
Audience Partners Canada, Inc. Canada
Audience Partners, LLC Pennsylvania
Audience Partners Worldwide LLCDelaware
A-R Cable Services - NY, Inc.New York
Cable Systems, Inc. Kansas
Cablevision Lightpath CT LLC Delaware
Cablevision Lightpath NJ LLC Delaware
Cablevision Lightpath, Inc. Delaware
Cablevision NYI L.L.C. Delaware
Cablevision of Brookhaven, Inc. Delaware
Cablevision of Hudson County, LLC Delaware
Cablevision of Litchfield, Inc. Delaware
Cablevision of Monmouth, LLC Delaware
Cablevision of New Jersey, LLC Delaware
Cablevision of Newark New York
Cablevision of Oakland, LLC Delaware
Cablevision of Ossining Limited Partnership Massachusetts
Cablevision of Paterson, LLC Delaware
Cablevision of Rockland/Ramapo, LLC Delaware
Cablevision of Southern Westchester, Inc. New York
Cablevision of Wappingers Falls, Inc. Delaware
Cablevision of Warwick, LLC Delaware
Cablevision Systems Brookline Corporation Delaware
Cablevision Systems Corporation Delaware
Cablevision Systems Dutchess Corporation New York
Cablevision Systems East Hampton Corporation New York
Cablevision Systems Great Neck Corporation New York
Cablevision Systems Huntington Corporation New York
Cablevision Systems Islip CorporationNew York
Cablevision Systems New York City CorporationDelaware
Cablevision Systems Suffolk CorporationNew York
Cablevision Systems Westchester CorporationNew York
Cebridge Acquisition, L.P.Delaware
Cebridge Acquisition, LLCDelaware

Cebridge Connections Finance Corp.Delaware
Cebridge Connections, Inc.Delaware
Cebridge CorporationDelaware
Cebridge General, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Limited, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom CA, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom General, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom ID, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom IN, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom KS, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom KY, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom LA, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom Limited, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom MO, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom MS, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom NC, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom NM, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom OH, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom OK, LLCOklahoma
Cebridge Telecom TX, L.P.Delaware
Cebridge Telecom VA, LLCDelaware
Cebridge Telecom WV, LLCDelaware
Cequel Capital CorporationDelaware
Cequel Communications Access Services, LLCDelaware
Cequel Communications Holdco, LLCDelaware
Cequel Communications, LLCDelaware
Cequel Communications II, LLCDelaware
Cequel Communications III, LLCDelaware
Cequel III Communications I, LLCDelaware
Cequel III Communications II, LLCDelaware
Cequel Wireless, LLCDelaware
Classic Cable of Louisiana, L.L.C.Louisiana
Classic Cable of Oklahoma, Inc.Delaware
Classic Cable, Inc.Delaware
Classic Communications, Inc.Delaware
Coram Route 112 CorporationDelaware
CSC Acquisition CorporationDelaware
CSC Acquisition-MA, Inc.Delaware
CSC Acquisition-NY, Inc.New York
CSC Gateway, LLCDelaware
CSC Holdings, LLCDelaware
CSC Investments LLCDelaware
CSC Nassau II, LLCDelaware
CSC Optimum Holdings, LLCDelaware
CSC T Holdings I, Inc.Delaware
CSC T Holdings II, Inc.Delaware
CSC T Holdings III, Inc.Delaware
CSC T Holdings IV, Inc.Delaware
CSC Technology, LLCDelaware
CSC TKR, LLCDelaware

CSC Transport II, Inc.Delaware
CSC Transport III, Inc.Delaware
CSC Transport, Inc.Delaware
CSC VT, Inc.Vermont
CSC Wireless, LLCDelaware
CSC Wireless NY, LLCDelaware
DTV Norwich LLCDelaware
Friendship Cable of Arkansas, Inc.Texas
Friendship Cable of Texas, Inc.Texas
Frowein Road CorporationDelaware
Hornell Television Services, Inc.New York
i24 News France S.A.S.France
i24 News S.a.r.l.Luxembourg
i24 US Corp.Delaware
i24 US, LLCDelaware
Intelcia USA LLCDelaware
Kingwood Holdings, LLCDelaware
Kingwood Security Services, LLCDelaware
Lightpath VoIP, LLCDelaware
Mercury Voice and Data, LLCDelaware
Middle East NewsIsrael
N12N LLCDelaware
News 12 CompanyNew York
News 12 Connecticut LLCDelaware
News 12 Networks LLCDelaware
News 12 New Jersey Holding LLCDelaware
News 12 New Jersey II Holding LLCDelaware
News 12 New Jersey LLCDelaware
News 12 The Bronx Holding LLCDelaware
News 12 The Bronx, L.L.C.Delaware
News 12 Traffic and Weather LLCDelaware
News 12 Varsity Network LLCDelaware
News 12 Westchester LLCDelaware
Newsday Holdings LLCDelaware
Newsday LLCDelaware
NMG Holdings, Inc.Delaware
NPG Cable, LLCDelaware
NPG Digital Phone, LLCDelaware
nTelligis Holdings, LLCDelaware
NY Interconnect, LLCDelaware
NY OV LLCDelaware
ORBIS1, L.L.C.Louisiana
OV LLCDelaware
Petra Cablevision Corp.New York
Princeton Video Image Israel, Ltd.Israel
Samson Cablevision Corp.New York
SL3TV, LLCDelaware

Suffolk Cable CorporationNew York
Suffolk Cable of Shelter Island, Inc.New York
Suffolk Cable of Smithtown, Inc.New York
TCA Communications, L.L.C.Texas
Telerama, Inc.Ohio
The New York Interconnect L.L.C.Delaware
Tristate Digital Group LLCDelaware
Universal Cable Holdings, Inc.Delaware
W.K. Communications, Inc.Kansas