Jérémie Bonnin

Jérémie Bonnin, Director

Jérémie Bonnin joined Altice USA as a director in June 2017. He is the representative of A4 S.A. on the Altice N.V. board of directors and he is General Secretary of Altice N.V., which he joined in May 2005 as Corporate Finance director. Before joining Altice N.V., he was a Manager in the Transaction Services department at KPMG, which he joined in 1998. Since his appointment at Altice N.V., he has been involved in all of the Altice Group's acquisitions which have increased its footprint (in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Israel, the French Overseas Territories, the Dominican Republic, Portugal and the United States). He has a long track record of successful cross-border transactions, and in financial management within the telecom sector. Mr Bonnin received his engineering degree from the Institut d'Informatique d'Entreprises in France in 1998. He also graduated from the DECF in France (an equivalent to the CPA) in 1998.